A View from Section 139

I hardly had time to come to terms with Scott Hairston coming to Oakland this past Tuesday. He arrived in exchange for Triple A power pitcher Ryan Webb. By the way Webb pitched two innings  against the Giants in Jonathan Sanchez no-hitter.

I am still in shock that Travis Buck was back in Sacramento. He was called up less than a week before. Although he has struggled since his 2006 debut, he is a fan favorite.  I don’ think he has been given a chance to prove himself. OK so he had a chance last year  but he was injured. Injuries are a part of baseball.

On Saturday third baseman Jack Hannahan was sent to the Mariners.

 I’m not sure what the A’s are trying to do. It’s hard to keep up.  Some folks like to say,  “It’s Billy Being Billy. A’s fans are used to it”.

Are we really? How long  do we have to accept dismantling of the team as business as usual? What about getting rid of Bob Geren? 

The Rockies weren’t afraid to let Clint Hurdle go early in the season. Look at their performance since.

Can you blame fans for not showing up at the Coliseum? Let’s face it; the team needs a new ballpark. The A’s and the Florida Marlins are the only teams now playing in a dual-purpose park. At least the Marlins are on the move.

I have a feeling, the next time the A’s are at home, we will be missing a few more of our faves.


Comments on: "Another day, another trade-Will the move hurt or help the Oakland A’s" (5)

  1. Victoria said:

    I agree, “business as usual” is not acceptable. Sometimes change is necessary to move forward both in life and business.

    • jayveep said:

      Good point. We are always reluctant to make changes. We love to be in our comfort zone

  2. I’m usually a glass if half full kind of girl, but this season is testing even my faith. All of the losing would be easier to take if we were truly rebuilding, with homegrown talent, but Billy Beane is having too much fun with past-their-prime free agents. It’s bad enough that some of our favorites were traded to get Holliday who is mediocre at best, but then we have Giambi and Nomar taking up valuable roster spots that could be better filled by Travis Buck, Daric Barton, Sean Doolittle, Aaron Cunningham, and of course Jack Hannahan. I hope Jack has a fantastic second half with the Mariners. At least OC has been heating it up recently but I was not happy about his acquisition and his 13 errors are not impressive for a supposedly Gold Glove caliber shortstop.

    I am also less than impressed with the way the current management respects and celebrates A’s history. The 1989 WS championship celebration seemed like it was planned at the last minute, and the Rickey Henderson uniform retirement day will probably be similar. Why aren’t our past heroes celebrated and invited to be at the Coliseum on a regular basis, or hired as special advisors? Ann Killion reported that Lew Wolff says this is all Billy Beane. I guess Billy doesn’t want anyone around telling him what to do, especially not anyone who was successful at playing the game. ; ( Bob Geren’s got to go, but again, he seems to go along with whatever Billy wants, so we are stuck with him.

    Since you wrote this, we’ve learned that Sean Gallagher is part of the Hairston deal too. So far Hairston looks good so that’s one of the few things I won’t complain about.

    I’ll still support the team and still attend way too many games and always have fun, as there are many positive things about many of the players, but it’s been a tough year.

    • jayveep said:

      It has been tough this year to watch the team. It hurts when the A’s are considered an afterthought. In some of the reports on Sunday to sum up the first, they showed the top three teams in the AL west. Didn’t bother to show the A’s 12 games behind.

      The Giants are probably the number 1 team to showcase former players, All-Stars or HOF, doesn’t matter. They welcome them back with fanfare. I think Carney Lansford was uncomfortable being a part of the celebrations at the Coliseum recently standing there in a Giant’s uniform.

      We still love the team and will travel the country to watch the green and gold.

  3. Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Another day, another trade-Will the move hurt or help the Oakland A’s…

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Another day, another trade-Will the move hurt or help the Oakland A’s…

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