A View from Section 139

Yes, it’s that time again. Another Red Sox, Yankees match up. All that matters to the baseball world is what the Yankees and Red Sox are doing this weekend.

Kings of the Baseball World. The teams with the most to spend on “gobbling” up talent.

Should the Yanks enforce the “Joba” Rules? Should they have kept him on his normal day rest? Will he throw inside to Kevin Youkilis? Will the benches clear sometime during the weekend?

These are the questions on everyone’s mind. OK, at least in New York and Boston.

There are 28 other baseball teams, but the East Coast Media doesn’t seem to care. It’s all about Red Sox, Yankees.

Sports Talk Radio hosts who were on vacation, returned today to talk for hours on the match ups. Newspaper columnists in New York, who have nothing new to say, have resorted to writing about past series.

You have to feel sorry for the NY Mets. No one really cares. They are facing the Padres in San Diego this weekend. A chance for the Mets to pick up three games in the NL Wild Card from the struggling Padres. However, with the recent embarrassing sequence of events surrounding the team; it’s hard for anyone to care. It doesn’t help that the Padres has a worse record than the Mets.

Yes, it does not matter. The East Coast Media doesn’t care.

Back in 2007, I was frustrated at the constant national coverage of Red Sox, Yankee games. ESPN Friday night game. Fox Game of the Week on Saturday and ESPN Sunday evening game. I started my Blog then simply to vent.

The last two years, it appears the television stations realized we all were sick and tired of Yankees, Red Sox. Coverage was scaled-back.

It doesn’t help that the Red Sox are 8-0 for the season. Who has the edge.
The Yankees are trying to convince themselves, it doesn’t matter. That they can beat the Red Sox. But what if it is in their heads.
Something has to give this weekend.

Come Monday morning we will see who takes the lead in the AL East. Whatever the result, I am still sick and tired of the Yankees.

After this weekend, there will be six more games between these teams.

No doubt, the “hype” will be the same.

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