A View from Section 139

We love to criticize the New York Yankees and the amount of money they spend on getting talent.

But for those lucky players, it must be nice playing for the New York Yankees.


Watching today’s game brought a big smile to my face.

Three former teammates with the Oakland A’s during the Yankees, Blue Jays game in The Bronx.

Marco Scutaro at the plate for the Toronto Blue Jays – batting average .297. Tied for fifth in the league in walks. – Traded to the Blue Jays by Billy Beane

Nick Swisher – “swishalicious” as John Sterling calls him- at first base, – third in the league in walks – traded to The White Sox – by Billy Beane

Chad Gaudin – on the mound, first appearance as a Yankee – thrown into the Rich Hardin trade to the Cubs – by Billy Beane.


I can only imagine all three players are enjoying their new teams. Yes, it was fun with the A’s, but now they

have a chance to play for winning teams. OK, the Blue Jays are not really a winning team but you get what I mean.


Chad Gaudin from the last place Padres to the New York Yankees, a World Series contender.

To the rocking sound of a packed Yankee stadium crowd. I can’t say “sold-out” as that only happens

with the Red Sox in town. A World away from the Oakland Coliseum with its ten thousand

fans per game. What a great feeling that must be for him.


And in his first appearance at Yankee Stadium. Chad Gaudin gets the win.

I wonder how that feels. It must be nice playing for the New York Yankees.

Thank you Billy Beane.


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