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Kendry Morales, First Baseman for the Angels, suffered a broken leg today while celebrating at home plate.

He had just hit the first Grand Slam Home Run of his career and it should have been a happy day for him and the team. After, what happened, I don’t think anyone associated with the Angels is celebrating today’s win.

I knew sooner or later, someone was going to get hurt. Every time I watch a team with a walk-off win, I would say it out loud.

“Someone is going to get seriously hurt”. Today it finally happened!

Maybe I jinxed it.

On a day when Major League Baseball should be celebrating the 20th Perfect Game, the specter of a serious injury at home plate looms over a good baseball story.

It is simply amazing how up until now, no player has been seriously injured from excessive celebrations after a team win in the bottom of the ninth. I can understand a World Series Game 7-Win, but celebrating a regular season win doesn’t need the acrobatics at home plate.

So what does the injury to Kendry Morales mean for the Angels?

As an A’s fan, no sympathy for the team. Of course, it is unfortunate it happened, no one wants to see a player get hurt. The A’s have had their share of bad luck with injuries to key players the past 3 years. Only today, it was announced that Justin Duchscherer is out for the rest of the season, with surgery scheduled for his other hip. He was out all of last season, pitched in a few games this year and “poof”, just like that he is gone…back to the DL. I predicted before the start of the season, he was not going to be on the opening day roster.

He lasted 6 weeks longer than my prediction.

Kendry Morales is by far the best player on the Angels. Always a home-run threat, he was having a good 2010 season.

In 51 games he is batting .290 with 39 RBI’s, 11 HR and 56 hits. He is also pretty good defensively at first base.
With a .996 fielding percentage making only 2 errors this year.

With the Angels “looking up” at the first-place A’s in the AL West, this might be an opportunity for the A’s to make a run for the division. The Pundits keep saying, it’s still early and the Angels are going to win the division.

I say, “not so fast.” In a few days, the calendar turns over to June and teams will be thinking of roster moves to make at the July trading deadline.

But back to the injury suffered earlier today by Angels first baseman, Kendry Morales.

Have you seen how high the players jump up and down at home plate, climbing on each others backs and pounding teammates? And to top it off, the helmet (which is there for protection) comes “flying off” as they approach home!

I think what happened today at Angels Stadium proves it! The excessive (and senseless) celebration at home plate should end… once and for all.

Mr. Commissioner, “the ball is in your court”.

Let me hear your thoughts.

Click on the comment link below and let me know what you think about those excessive home plate celebrations.


Comments on: "Angels Firstbaseman Kendry Morales’Broken Leg Should End Homeplate Celebrations" (4)

  1. A guy who’s name escapes me from the 2002 Minnesota Twins broke his hand in the dog pile of the team celebrating winning their division. Not smart. He is their best hitter too. Lesson learned? Probably not. Martin Gramatica tore his ACL celebrating a field goal. I think it will just morph into something else.

    • Jacqueline Peters said:

      It is unfortunate, but it should teach players a lesson. Do you know what year they started going overboard?

  2. Hi, Until I just read you blog-post, I didn’t know about what happened to Morales. What an unfortunate and tragic turn of events for the Angels. I didn’t pick them to win the West, and now, they have almost no chance of doing so.
    I agree that the home-plate celebrations have been excessive. But don’t wait for the commissioner to do anything about it. He’s useless when it comes to anything other than marketing and collecting a paycheck.
    Good post, Bill

    • Jacqueline Peters said:

      Thanks Bill. Yesterday the Angels had another walk-off victory, but tempered the celebrations. Good, but how long will it last?

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