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How I came Face-to-Face with Oakland A’s Pitcher Ben Sheets

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Oakland A’s pitcher, Ben Sheets has been the target of harsh criticism in more than a few of my earlier posts. No other player on the Oakland 2010 roster has infuriated me so much.

Then on a cool and rainy Sunday night in Chicago, I came face-to-face with Oakland A’s Pitcher, Ben Sheets!

I was at the end of a very long and tiring day. What started out as a fun day at AT&T Park in San Francisco ended with the sting of a 3-game sweep at hands of the cross town rivals. It was now long past midnight and there I was waiting impatiently in baggage claim in Chicago’s O’Hare’. The airport had the emptiness of the Oakland Coliseum…  during a mid-week series with the Kansas City Royals. (more…)


Will the Real Ben Sheets please stand up?

Eyebrows were raised almost to the foreheads, when Billy Beane announced the signing of former Brewers ace Ben Sheets to a 1-year $10 million contract. I was skeptical of the signing and wondered if he would be ready when the bell sounded for opening day.

Ben Sheets was ready for opening day to my surprise. Plus, he made it out of spring training uninjured. Maybe his ego was bruised, when he failed to retire a batter in one start and gave up 10 runs.

At the time everyone said, “It’s spring training, it doesn’t count. Ben is working on his mechanics.” But I took note. (more…)