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How I came Face-to-Face with Oakland A’s Pitcher Ben Sheets

Like This!

Oakland A’s pitcher, Ben Sheets has been the target of harsh criticism in more than a few of my earlier posts. No other player on the Oakland 2010 roster has infuriated me so much.

Then on a cool and rainy Sunday night in Chicago, I came face-to-face with Oakland A’s Pitcher, Ben Sheets!

I was at the end of a very long and tiring day. What started out as a fun day at AT&T Park in San Francisco ended with the sting of a 3-game sweep at hands of the cross town rivals. It was now long past midnight and there I was waiting impatiently in baggage claim in Chicago’s O’Hare’. The airport had the emptiness of the Oakland Coliseum…  during a mid-week series with the Kansas City Royals. (more…)


You can’t to talk to Billy Beane or Lew Wolff….but you can send them a letter!

Lately, the press has been less than kind to the Oakland Athletics. Most recently,Ray Ratto on SF Gate and Monte Poole in the Mercury News. Demoralizing to say the least if, you are a fan. I cannot imagine what the players are feeling in that locker room.

No sympathy from me, it’s partly their fault.

Somehow, they manage to keep leaving the hitting behind on the team bus or in their cars. Because it’s nowhere to be found at the plate.

The rest of the blame lies with the Manger, GM and Owner.

I decided to take matters in my own hand today and call the Executive Offices of the Oakland A’s. I was determined to talk to Lew Wolff or Billy Beane so I could tell them what’s on MY mind.

Once the phone rings, you have to pay attention to the prompts and decide which option to choose. Unless you know your party’s extension, which I did not, tough luck.

I by-passed all opions and decided to stay on the line. Hoping someone would talk to me.

I did not have to wait long before I got a live person.

I told her immediately, I wished like to speak to someone about my frustrations with the team and the extremely bad press lately. She said, the staff is feeling the same way.

I told her I wanted to talk to Billy Beane or Lew Wolff since I haven’t heard any comments from them in months. She told me Billy Beane appeared on COMCASTSPORTS yesterday at 5pm. Too bad, I missed it.

Then she told me I could write a letter to the press!


“I don’t want to write to the Press, I want to talk to Billy Beane or Lew Wolff”!

Next she suggested I should write them a letter. I realized then, this was to be my first and last stop in
The A’s Executive Offices. I was on the phone to nowhere.

You bet. I am going to write two letters. One to Billy Beane and the other to Lew Wolff.

I asked if my letters will get to their destination or passed off to their Assistants. She assured me they get all letters addressed to them. She politely gave me the address to send my letters.

I wished her a great afternoon and thanked her for her time.

Billy Beane, Lew Wolff my letters are on the way!