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Can’t Say I miss Matt Holliday in Oakland

More than a week has passed since Matt Holliday went to the Cardinals. I wasn’t disappointed to see him go. He is not a particularly good outfielder. Watching him from the left field bleachers at the Coliseum, he always seemed he wasn’t hustling enough. He drove me crazy. In his brief stint with the A’s he did nothing for the first three months. How many times he came to the plate with men on base and failed to get the runner in.

The only thing I am still upset about is the players he was traded for. Carlos Gonzalez, Huston Street and Greg Smith. Granted Greg Smith isn’t even on the major league roster, but he had a great pick-off move. Street has 29 saves and counting and seems to have found a home. While Carlos is the fourth outfielder, he has a fantastic arm and needs time to develop. I still hate that trade.

Matt Holliday goes to the Cardinals and he is suddenly red-hot. In 93 games with the A’s he got his average up to .286. Of course only in the last 4 weeks. In 11 games with the Cards he is at .488. For sure he’s not going to maintain that pace. As for making the Cards making the playoffs, I’m not sure. I don’t want to bet on it, but I think the Cubs might edge them out. The NL Wild Card team will probably come for the NL West with the Giants and Rockies looking to surpass the Dodgers.

I wish Matt Holliday good luck with his new team. But I wished he had a better showing in Oakland. I can’t speak for the fans, but I can’t say I miss Matt Holliday in Oakland.

How about you?

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Another day, another trade-Will the move hurt or help the Oakland A’s

I hardly had time to come to terms with Scott Hairston coming to Oakland this past Tuesday. He arrived in exchange for Triple A power pitcher Ryan Webb. By the way Webb pitched two innings  against the Giants in Jonathan Sanchez no-hitter.

I am still in shock that Travis Buck was back in Sacramento. He was called up less than a week before. Although he has struggled since his 2006 debut, he is a fan favorite.  I don’ think he has been given a chance to prove himself. OK so he had a chance last year  but he was injured. Injuries are a part of baseball.

On Saturday third baseman Jack Hannahan was sent to the Mariners.

 I’m not sure what the A’s are trying to do. It’s hard to keep up.  Some folks like to say,  “It’s Billy Being Billy. A’s fans are used to it”.

Are we really? How long  do we have to accept dismantling of the team as business as usual? What about getting rid of Bob Geren? 

The Rockies weren’t afraid to let Clint Hurdle go early in the season. Look at their performance since.

Can you blame fans for not showing up at the Coliseum? Let’s face it; the team needs a new ballpark. The A’s and the Florida Marlins are the only teams now playing in a dual-purpose park. At least the Marlins are on the move.

I have a feeling, the next time the A’s are at home, we will be missing a few more of our faves.